Prepare a Battle Box

One of the Simple Steps is to prepare a Battle Box, yours should include:

Documents to include:

Item Tick here
Business Continuity Plan - your plan to recover your business.  
List of Employees with contact details - obtain as much information as you can, even email addresses and next of kin details.  
List of customer and supplier details  
Insurance company details  
Financial and banking information  
Contact details, including account numbers, for utility companies  
Latest stock and equipment inventory  
Formulas and trade secrets
Headed stationery
Building site plan, including location of gas, electricty and water shut off points
Engineering plans and drawings
Local Authority contact details

Equipment to include:

 Item Tick here 
Computer back up discs, USB sticks, etc.  
Spare keys/ security codes  
Wind up torch  
Disposible camera (useful for recording evidence in an insurance claim)  

This list is not exhaustive, there may be other documents and equipment that are specific to your organisation which need to be included.