What is Business Continuity?

Business continuity is planning for the worst case scenario, taking steps to prevent it happening and developing strategies and plans to help you recover should they occur. 

Pro-actively planning how you can get your organisation up and running again after an incident means that you are much more likely to continue providing employment, meet customer need and ultimately, survive the incident. 


What are some of the benefits of business continuity planning?

  • It provides a way of understanding what processes are important to your business and therefore essential to remain operational in an incident. 
  • It provides assurance and protection for your staff that plans are in place to keep the business operating during an incident.  This means they can be more confident in the security of their jobs as there is less chance of going out of businesses following an incident. 
  • It ensures you can meet requirements as a supplier to whoever relies on your business.  It is important to consider the variety of impacts the failure of the business may have on your customers. 
  • It enhances reputation- it is becoming much more common for contracts to now include a requirement for business continuity arrangements. 
  • It can be a selling point - you will be able to demonstrate your ability to maintain critical operations during an incident. 

To develop an effective business continuity plan, good practise recommends an ongoing planning process to refine and improve arrangements over time. 

The link below can be used to assess your current business continuity capability.  

Business Continuity 10 Minute Assessment