Weather & Flooding

Forecast & Alerts 

floods happen   Flooding is one of the highest risks to people and property in the UK, including in Staffordshire so being prepared is essential.

In Burton 11691 properties are assessed as at flood risk, but currently only 6% of those are fully signed up to the Flood Warning Service.

Here, you can view current weather information via the Met Office Weather Widget on the right, and current Flood Warnings and Alerts issued by the Environment Agency below:

The Environment Agency provide a range of useful online information services, including flood maps and up to date warnings in place across the UK.

phone imageYou can sign up to receive Flood Warnings, or phone the Floodline on 0845 988 1188 to speak to someone about flooding.

pcYou can also view the Check My Flood Risk website, which allows you to enter your postcode, and tells you whether you are at risk of flooding.

Public Health England have published Flooding: Advice for the Public to support you making a personal flood plan, considering what to do if a flood is forecast; what to do if a flood happens and cleaning up after a flood. 

River Levels online

River levels for your local river gauge can be found on the Environment Agency website.

You can also find your local river gauge on Twitter, and follow it to view twice daily automatically updated river levels. 


Individual Local Authority websites should show whether they will provide sandbags before / during a flood.

Home and business owners are encouraged to protect their own properties.  Sandbags can often be purchased from hardware stores.

Guidance on how to build sandbags is available at