Getting Prepared

Industrial Accidents (317 KB) - If you live close to a hazardous site, you will regularly recieve information from industries in your area reminding you to Go In, Stay In, Tune In, should an accident occur. This part of the Guide gives you information on how to be more prepared for such an incident.

Pandemic and Seasonal Flu (461 KB) - Information on what is Pandemic and Season Flu, where you can find information from and how you can help yourselves.

Severe Weather (1.22 MB) - Useful information on Flooding, Preparing your Personal Flood Plan and useful contact numbers.

Severe Weather - other hazards (384 KB) - Looks at other severe weather events such as gales and storms, ice and snow and heatwave.

Terrorism (299 KB) - The threat from terrorism is very real, more information is available about how to be prepared.