Space Weather

spaceSpace weather is a collective term used to describe a series of phenomena originating from the Sun. There are three main types of space weather:

  1. Solar flares which reach Earth within a few hours and can cause radio blackouts
  2. Solar energetic particles which travel somewhat slower and cause solar radiation storms, potentially harming astronauts if not forewarned
  3. Coronal mass ejections

The sun is in constant flux and the impact of this solar activity is more apparent as people become more reliant on technology. Space weather can affect our technology and systems such as satellites, GPS, power grids and radio communications.

Make sure that you and your business are not completely reliant on technology. Consider how you would manage without working mobile telephone and computer systems.

Just like other weather events, the MET Office provides space weather forecasts and information about its effects.

If you or a member of your family would be particularly vulnerable during a power cut you can register as a priority customer with Western Power.

It may also be useful to make sure you have a Grab Bag in case of the event of a widespread power cut due to space weather.

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