What to do in the event of a flood...

moving-furniture-in-floodFlooding can be extremely dangerous and unpredictable so the following advice should be taken into account if your property or area is subject to flooding.

  • Get yourself and your family somewhere safe
  • Do not drive into flood water
  • Do not approach fast flowing or deep flood water as you could be at risk of drowning and the water can be contaminated
  • Turn off your electricity, gas and water supplies in affected areas
  • Put any valuable possessions upstairs if it is safe to do so
  • If your or your family’s lives are at risk, phone 999 immediately
  • Follow the advice given from the emergency services

Useful contacts

Environment Agency Floodline
Open 24 hours in times of flood

noun_Phone_140415_f531070345 988 1188

Environment Agency Incident Number
24-hour incident number to report river flooding, of an obstruction in the river that might cause flooding, or pollution or many dead fish in a river 

noun_Phone_140415_f531070800 807 060

Staffordshire County Council Highways Team
Report flooding using the online form.

Advice on who is responsible for what in the event of a flood.