Generic Advice

Be aware

noun_Document_576494_78b829Know your local risks; read your Community Risk Register (254 KB)

noun_weather_26703_78b829Sign up for weather and flood alerts.

noun_undefined_136411_78b829Become cyber aware.


noun_insurance_1116125_09adc1Consider the right insurance for your home and business as well as travel insurance when abroad. Make sure these are all up to date and include flooding.

noun_bag_836853_09adc1Pack a ‘Grab Bag’ of essential items including key documents and medication that you may need if you have to leave your home at short notice.

noun_Vaccination_1290631_09adc1Keep you, your family and your pets up to date with vaccinations.

noun_Child_1578738_09adc1Consider backup childcare and check your child’s school plans for emergencies.

noun_House_1800630_09adc1Create a 'household emergency plan' so members know where to go, what to do and how to reconnect during an emergency - don’t forget your pets!

noun_Electricity_816452_09adc1Know how to safely turn off your electricity, water, oil and gas supplies.


noun_Phone_641150_e14423In an emergency, dial 999.

noun_House_1800630_e14423If instructed, or if you are unsure what to do: Go in. Stay in. Tune in.

noun_exclamation_670681_e14423If you are caught up in a malicious attack: Run. Hide. Tell.