Transport accidents occur across the UK on a daily basis; these most commonly occur on roads and involve private vehicles. Severe weather, flooding, industrial action, and even volcanic eruptions can all disrupt the transport network.

Well practised plans exist to deal with these locally. Thanks to modern safety regimes, large scale transport accidents are very rare however, information is available to prepare you for your journey.

Be prepared

  1. Check that public transport is still operating before you travel, particularly during periods of severe weather and only travel if you have to.
  2. Consider alternative methods of transport if appropriate.
  3. Plan to stay off the road when authorities issue advisories or warnings.
  4. If driving is necessary, ensure you have a Car Grab Bag and a full tank of fuel in case you are stuck in traffic or have an accident and have to wait several hours for assistance.
  5. If possible, drive during the day and do not travel alone. Stay on main roads and let someone know your destination, route and expected arrival time.
  6. Prepare for journeys to take longer or be disrupted, especially during bad weather and pack water, food, medicines and appropriate clothing so that you stay safe and well.  

Further information