After a flood event in your community... work together.

The more preparation you put in before a flood happens, the less you’ll need to sort out afterwards. If the worst should happen, work together in your community and help each other - many hands make light work.

  • Phone your insurance company to register your claim (contact the National Flood Forum on 01299 403055 for further advice)
  • Be careful and use disinfectant when cleaning up flood water as it can be contaminated
  • Do not use affected electrical items until they have been checked by a professional
  • Seek medical attention if you start to feel unwell following a flood event and make sure you tell your GP about the event
  • Ring your water company if you notice a change in water quality such as a change in the colour, taste or smell of your tap water
  • Heating, dehumidifiers and good ventilation can help dry out your home. You may notice mould growing on damp walls, this will stop growing as your home dries out but if it persists, contact a specialist cleaner

For further support please contact the National Flood Forum who are a national charity dedicated to supporting and representing communities and individuals at risk of flooding. noun_Phone_140415_f5310701299 403055

Useful Contacts

Environment Agency Floodline
Open 24 hours in times of flood

noun_Phone_140415_f531070345 988 1188

Environment Agency Incident Number
24-hour incident number to report river flooding, of an obstruction in the river that might cause flooding, or pollution or many dead fish in a river 

noun_Phone_140415_f531070800 807 060

Environment Agency General Enquiries
noun_Phone_140415_f5310703708 506 506

Staffordshire County Council Highways Team
Drain flooding on the roads:
noun_Phone_140415_f531070300 111 8000

National Flood Forum
Advice on flooding and insurance information
noun_Phone_140415_f5310701299 403 055

South Staffordshire Water
Water enquiries and emergencies:
noun_Phone_140415_f531070800 389 1011

Blue Pages
The UK’s leading independent flood directory