Flood Happens Be PrepFlooding is one of the highest risks to people and properties in the UK, so being prepared is essential. Over the coming years rising temperatures and sea levels as well as an increase in frequency and severity of extreme weather events are likely to raise the risk of flooding in the UK.

Flooding can take different forms and at its most serious can affect many different aspects of our daily lives.

Excluding coastal flooding, the main types of flooding that can impact on you are:

  • Main river flooding
  • Flooding from small watercourses
  • Surface water flooding

DropThese are caused by excess rainfall flows from or over surfaces such as roads, roofs, patios and surfaces that cannot easily absorb water. This can occur simultaneously.

Consequences of flooding include:

  • Risk to life and health
  • Damage to homes, businesses, communities, agricultural land and infrastructure
  • Evacuation of residents in short, medium and long-term phases
  • Disruption to utilities (electricity and water supply)
  • Pollution and contamination of the environment
  • Impact on the local economy and businesses

It is impossible to eliminate the risk of flooding entirely, so it is vital to know the flood risk of your area.

These pages explain how you can help before, during and after a flood. You can also view and print the information leaflets (2.93 MB).